SarcomSarcom is a groove-death metal band from Metlika, Slovenia. The group was formed back in 1997 - by Ilija Šajatovič(bass), Frederik Urbančič(guitar) and Dejan Mihajlovič(vocals). Drummer Toni Klemenčič joined the band a few months later. originally band was formed as a thrash-groove metal band, influenced by the legends Sepultura, Anthrax, Metallica, Pantera....And many others. Band was constantly evolving and looking for a heavier and more agressive sound, so band gained exactly that when Damir Čoralič(guitar) joined the band, and the crusade begin. After two years, of constant playing all over Slovenia and Croatia, Frederik Urbančič had to leave the band and that caused the band to evolve to even more aggressive and heavy style. So that heaviness and aggression become constant inspiration in bands music.
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