Salvation Is NearIn the year 2004, on 4th of December to be precise, began the journey of the band Salvation Is Near. The founding members (Borut Rampih, Dean Vilic and Dejan Filipovic) mutually agreed on playing metalcore.
They invite Emir (Aktivna Propaganda) to join the band as a guitarist and Jure (xAdaktax) as the bass. After some complications and disagreements, Jure leaves the band and Damir joins, bringing new ideas to the band. They all agree that another guitarist is needed and Borut (Remedy) quickly jumps in, but leaves as soon as he comes.
With this lineup, SiN plays a few concerts with names such as Senata Fox, Worlds Between Us and Aktivna Propaganda, bringing great riffs, strong bass lines, heavy artillery drums and scream/growl vocals that shook the foundations of hardcore.
However, as all good things come to an end, Emir soon leaves the band because of a disagreement and the search begins for two new guitarists. They soon find Tadej Dolenc, great young guitarist and SiN changes their band location from Kranj to Vrhnika. A couple of days later another guitarist is found and Anton reluctantly joins the band and surprises the SiN crew with his talent and skill with his instrument.
SiN drops all of their previous material and begins working on new powerful songs.
In the next two months, SiN records the first song of their promo, when all of a sudden Damir quits the band because of some disagreements. However, Damir is soon replaced by Miha Pildek Jakhel, a bassist of no small talent. Few weeks later Anton leaves the band for the lack of time and new guitarist Darko Horvat comes in.
SiN now finally has a great lineup, plays true metalcore and is looking forward to bringing their music to the public.
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