Sacramental BloodSACRAMENTAL BLOOD was shed in January 2002. First stage bloodsheds followed by the middle of the same year. By the year of 2003 Sacramental Blood had already become one of the most live-active Serbian metal bands, blood-staining stages all around Serbia and visiting Bulgaria and Macedonia for its first bloodsheds in abroad. In next 2 years band’s strong live activity was continued despite few line up changes, introducing band to Bosnian and Hungarian fans as well. Debut material, entitled “Inception of Ceremony”, was recorded during October/November 2005 and released on April 2006 as a split CD with Ophiolatry (Brazil) by Walk Records (Bosnia). First promotional bloodlettings swamped Bosnia (Sarajevo) and Serbia (Belgrade) at shows with Dutch death metal veterans Sinister. In July/August 2006 Sacramental Blood joined forces with Ophiolatry again and played its first European tour - EUROPEAN BLASTOUR 2006, which included 11 dates in Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Switzerland. The band was also booked for reputable Brutal Assault fest in Czech Republic and Metal Mania fest in Slovenia, but problem with getting visas cut Blastour and disabled band to hit Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain and two aforementioned festivals. During 2007/'08 Sacramental Blood has run through few line up changes again, but kept flowing all over Balkan area. Sacramental Blood was running for the first time through Romania on mini tour with Dakon (Rep Moldova), and finally completed material for the first full lenght cd (recording scheduled in early 2009). Couple of tours will follow right after the recording sessions. Sacramental Blood has played so far more than seventy shows in Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Switzerland and Romania, sharing the stage with Cannibal Corpse, Vader, Sinister, Behemoth, Skinless, Arsbreed, Visceral Bleeding, Hypnos, Cripple Bastards, Ophiolatry, Parricide amongst many others… And the blood keeps flowing…
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