Run With The huntedRun with the Hunted is five people trying to understand the world around them; five people trying to understand themselves through each other; five people channeling their hopes, fears and struggles into the music that makes sense to them - desperate, emotionally exhausting, Hardcore.
Run with the Hunted architect songs founded around the heaviness and technicality of bands like Indecision and Turmoil intermixed with strong noisy flourishes akin to Botch or Catharsis. The end result is anything but the typical aping of either niched genre - it’s a powerful combination of both without the shortcomings of either and a unique style all it’s own.
Lyrically, the band explores political and personal subject matter in equal parts but with the same introspective angle and emotional vulnerability the band has become known for. Run with the Hunted is defining what being a hardcore band in 2010 means for themselves. After two ep's, Find Your Way Out on Rebuild Records (2007) and Destroy All Calendars on Glory Kid Records (2009) and three years of touring Run with the Hunted has finally found it's home with Panic Records and is preparing to release their debut LP to be released this Fall.
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