RuinerStarting in the early-Fall of 2004, five friends had all parted ways with their previous bands with the aim of start something new. Something they could start from scratch with no back-story or preexisting concepts or ideas. From that came Ruiner...drawing from the disappointment of past experiences and the unbridled joy of playing music, they began to write hardcore/punk with a fun and energetic slant.
First came a three-song demo then an East Coast tour with friends, The Spark. Ruiner than released there first 7" "What Could Possibly Go Right..." through a joint effort with Firestarter and Grave Mistake Records in May of 2005. Following that they toured almost the entire country. You never know exactly what the future hold, but Ruiner will die by the motto of "never say stop".
Rob Sullivan - vocals
Steve Smeal - bass
Joey Edwards - drums
Danny Porter - guitar
Mitch Roemer - guitar
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