Roy De Roy“Roy de Roy” is the microcosm of Vienna: different, multicultural and loud!
Vienna is the musical capitol of Eastern Europe and therefore the band benefits from an enormous musical richness: They recycle Polka and Punk, mix Balkan with Ska and throw in a language spoken by only 2 million people in the world: Slovenian.
The ambassadors of their so called Polka Punk with Slovenian, Portuguese and unpronounceable roots find themselves in a exile that provides input for their lyrics on a daily basis: Hence they sing about a paranoid society, the stupidity of nationalism, vain Diasporas and the historiography of the Balkans. Although you most likely won’t understand their lyrics, you can still feel that the songs are coming either from the heart or from the fist.
The band’s first Album “Bohemian Bolsheviks” is a black altercation with social consciousness and collective apathy. Always with a winking eye, the ease of a flying Molotow-cocktail and full of danceable tragedies, “Roy de Roy” serves a bright mixture of melancholic Pirate Waltz and highspeed Polka Punk!
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