RosettaRosetta was the result of the direct collision of three bands all local to the Philadelphia area.
Both Mykado, Sundayrest, and Sense Fracture all had the opportunity to share the same stages on several occasions.
Dave Grossmann (Sense Fracture), along with Matt Weed (Sundayrest) found themselves at wits end with both of their projects and in September of 2003 these projects ceased to further exists. However this unfortunate turn of events proved fruitful as Dave assembled a small group of local musicians that shared a common vision for what would become Rosetta. Dave Grossman, Matt Weed, Mike Armine (Mykado) and BJ McMurtrie (Sense Fracture, Sundayrest) embarked on a mission to expand the minds and sentiments of listeners through auditory stimulation, blending both traditional and experimental forms of song writing and sound manipulation.
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