Robot OrchestraThe two guys from Robot Orchestra have experience, and, on top of it, they are experienced. Not content with having won their stripes by gulping down a big share of Europe’s asphalt, with over a hundred gigs in more than fifteen countries, the two robots have built up scenic experience from their two original bands : FEEDING and DOWN TO EARTH. These two from La Rochelle wanted to prove it by showing. Concrete before theory. Concrete before never-ending discussions in some erudite, but obsolete, magazines.
Robot Orchestra has won their public by going and meeting them, in every corner of Europe. Everywhere their alchemy makes it. A guitar and a drum set. Two voices, one urgency. The sound is rock. The rock is noise. The noise is sound.
Wide and bright spaces turn into a lively and positive playground of flashy colors, which can even change to the same chaotic reddish of a rocky ground. An obvious musical balance. An organic osmosis. A two-factor equation, rather looking after fun and humanity than fame. Yet, they have earned their pair’s recognition everywhere in Europe. Not forcing it, just through shadows and humbleness.
The duo has just recorded its new album "Now we can Walk", recorded by Amaury Sauvé and Sylvain Biguet. It's the successor of "Disorder of Colors" which was used as a very good business card according to the critics and public met everywhere from Madrid to Berlin, Riga to Zagreb, and in London, Pragues or even Bruxels.
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