Roadkill BBQRoadkill BBQ were formed in 2010 in Slovenia by Alen Gregorin with departure from Killing Option and Alex Kollar.
Roadkill BBQ are a hardcore hybrid combining crushing metal with uplifting lyrics with the intention of bringing fresh, emotionally charged songs to the metal genre. Combining the fundamentals of metal, hardcore, groove and some hard rock rifs with stark brutality. The lyrical approach touches a lot of different themes such as existence, inner struggles, politics, unity and other. Roadkill BBQ's music is not easily partitioned into one style.The music consists of fast thrash-metal parts combined with fast groovy rock rifs that sometimes evolve into slow and heavy parts with passionate melodies and hardcore back-vocals with some breakdowns . The future of the band is to do as many shows as possible, write many albums, keep true to themselves and stay alive as a band as long as their hearts keep on going!
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