Red Lights FlashWhen you walk in a red room your heart beats faster and your newly awoken senses let you feel turning your inside up and down. Red is realized as a colour that is inspiring, exciting and suggesting movement. It is the manifold range of red, from beauty to savageness, and from warmth to aggression, Red Lights Flash is playing with. Since they are rather different characters as persons, they use this as their advantage to experiment with varied dynamics and tempos, effective silences as well as three different voices, fast-driven guitars and excellent drums. They manage to accompany meaningful messages with groundbreaking music full of passion and anger.
This permanent four-piece from the heart of Europe started off as a punk/hardcore band in 1997 and released their debut album "Stop When..." on the Vienna-based punk label Remedy Records, followed by first touring experiences. With "And Time Goes By", the second full-length in 2002, the band gained the opportunity to release on Householdname Records of London, leading to more touring highlighted by a really successful Anti Flag Europe Tour Support in 2003. As a pleasant result they got sensationally signed by the Anti Flag owned Label A-F Records from Pittsburgh, P.A., USA in 2004 and released their third full-length album “Free” which is still getting consistently terrific response, so it also was licensed in South America by Enemy One Records, Sao Paulo in 2006. Until this day, Red Lights Flash played more than 600 shows all over Europe, including prosperous tour supports for Rise Against, Alexisonfire, Anti Flag and Strike Anywhere as well as headlining tours in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Austria.
The Year 2007 and the upcoming 2008 marks an important step in the history of Red Lights Flash. Still the same four dedicated people that started the band in 1997, they collected and consolidated all their experiences and started writing new material. With the bond of friendship and love for creating music together stronger than ever, the process is way more dynamic and emancipated than anything the band has worked on so far. They don’t want to follow any trends or rules which they saw come and go during the past ten years of the band’s existence; “let feelings talk” is one of their key issues during the writing process.
In April 2007 they entered the Principal Studios in Germany and recorded five new songs with the help of their long time sound engineer ToniMeloni. Back home they locked themselves into their rehearsal room and worked on ideas for fifteen new songs which will come to an end and be recorded by the beginning of 2008.
Once it will be finished this upcoming record is going to make your heart skip a beat. And that’s a promise!
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