Razor Of OccamRAZOR OF OCCAM is a Metal band in the Black/Thrash genre based in London UK including half of the Destroyer 666 lineup and members of Adorior & Macabre Omen. Originally spawned from the South Australian desert in the late nineties, the music of RAZOR OF OCCAM still emulates the harshness of its birthplace. Never content to follow the mainstream, the lyrics eschew the mystical nonsense typical of the genre and instead highlight the harsh reality of the godless, uncaring and awe-inspiring universe we inhabit. The band has two releases to date. ‘Diabologue’ (Damnation Records) and ‘Pillars of Creation’ (Circle of Tyrants). They have recently finished the recordings for their third release, a full-length album titled 'Homage To Martyrs' to be released via Metal Blade Records in spring of 2009! RAZOR OF OCCAM has predominately been a self-reliant act, securing gigs, festivals and tours in the UK, Europe and its homeland. They have played along side renowned acts such as Asphyx, Primordial and Dismember, including a European tour with Gospel of the Horns and two appearances at the United Metal Maniacs festival. Although shunning publicity, preferring to let the music speak for its self, the band has nevertheless acquired a cult following among aficionados of quality metal. They will surely not be disappointed with the new album and with the right support RAZOR OF OCCAM will finally stamp its authority upon the genre. ‘Homage to Martyrs’ is a tribute to the great men of science who died in the pursuit of knowledge, from the early astronomers who were burned at the stake for daring to displace man from the center of the universe to the modern theoreticians driven to insanity and suicide by their paradoxical discoveries and the cold denial of their peers. Exalting in the rich legacy bequeathed to us by our predecessors it also warns of the dire predicament awaiting us should this richness be vainly squandered.
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