Presley BastardsThe Finnish punksters Presley Bastards started out in 2001, and the band includes five guys, who were born and raised around the same neighbourhood. Presley Bastards' music is best described as melodic punk rock with some metal and hardcore elements combined in a rocking package of catchy songs with sing-along choruses. The first demo was recorded in 2002, but the first official release, an ep, saw daylight in 2004 entitled "...To The Last Breath", which was released by a Finnish punk-label Fast Rock Factory. After the record, the band toured and wrote songs a few years, and the first European tour happened in the spring of 2005, when they toured two weeks in Germany. In the summer of 2005, Presley Bastards decided that it was time to go to studio and record their first full-length album. When it became the time to release the album, the band decided to release it themselves, and show everyone that it isn't impossible to make and release a great record on your own and without any labels. So the album "End of Time" saw its birth in autumn, and has since gathered really good reviews in Finland and around the world.
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