Pigs Parlament Pigs Parlament is a 6-member Punk-Ska-HC-Metal band from Slovenia. Their homeland is a small region in western Slovenia, also famous for it's fine wines, called Goriška Brda. It had a great influence on their music and lyrics. The beginings of the band go back to 2004. After two years of playing as a quartet, the trumpet player and the female vocalist joined the band. The band mostly plays fast punk/HC with a shocking-raspy female voice, accompanied by melodic back vocals. Their songs are also influenced by ska music, supported by the melodic sound of the trumpet, heavy metal riffs, fast drumming, bass solos, banjo playing and a lot of other fun stuff. One of the many characteristics of the band is the variety of the main vocal, which changes from song to song and they are also the first band who use a wine-bong to fire up the audience during concerts.Their discography consists of 2 demo records, 2 full-length albums and they also participated on a couple of Compilations. Their recipe is simple and clear: Wine power!
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