PestiferPestifer is a death metal band founded by twins Adrien (bass) and Phil (drums). The objective was clear : creating something that smells like death but looks even darker.
2004-2006 - The twins met Antoine (guitar). After sharing their ideas, they started to play together. Line-up is completed with Morty on vocals. The band has now about 10 songs. Pestifer record their first demo and play live everywhere they can. A good energy seems to emerge from these concerts. At the end of 2006, the band decides to part ways with Morty.
2007 - The band still plays some gigs with session singers. Pestifer also record a song called « Involution Process » for the sampler : « FYU Volume 5 », featuring Panda ( ex-Pitbulls in the Nursery ) on vocals. The compilation is distributed in Europe and helps Pestifer to be internationaly heard.
2008 - Pestifer find a new rehearsal room and recruite two new members : Emerson (guitar) and Jérôme (Vocals). The quintet writes new songs.
2009 - Back from the grave, the band plays live with the new line-up, but the utlime objective is making an album. During september and october, « Age of Disgrace » is recorded by Jérémy Stoz at Mammouth Production studios. The mix is realized during November.
2010 - The new album is done and the second track « Contagious » is selected to appear on « FYU volume 8 » sampler. Meanwhile, « Sleepless Century », the third track, takes part on « Combat Nasal » sampler. « Age of Digrace » received a lot of great feedback from zines and fans. They seem to be enthousiast about the future of Pestifer. The band starts to play more interesting gigs like Metal Méan Festival with Mayhem, Macabre, Devourment, Rotting Christ... They also open for Watain and Destroyer 666.
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