PegazusPEGAZUS is a very melodic sounding band whose songs and compositions are strongly structured on great riffs, licks and most importantly sing along melodies, consisting of very anthemic tunes and catchy hook filled choruses.
The band has had it’s previous 3 studio albums Wings Of Destiny, Breaking The Chains and The Headless Horseman officially released Worldwide exclusively by record label Nuclear Blast Records from Germany.
The band has been a very active ‘Live’ unit based in Melbourne, Australia since mid 1994, playing abroad at some of the biggest German Rock/Metal Festivals like the WACKEN OPEN AIR and ROCKHARD Festivals, toured successfully throughout Europe.
The band has already built itself a very reputable, high profile being quite well known in most parts of the world with the many thousands of rock/metal fans. Hailed by many among the world media and fans alike as being without a doubt "Australia’s THUNDER from DOWN UNDER!" , with a solid reputation that has grown steadily and consistently in strength year after year from album to album.
This band is totally 100% professionally focused and possesses great self belief, passion and integrity and remains very serious about creating great songs, albums and performing the most exciting and energetic live shows for it’s fans...totally dedicated to making its mark on the music world!
This Spring 2011 the band will surprise the Heavy Metal community again with a brand new album!
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