PariahPariah formed in early 2004, with a line up of Rosie Longson (vocals), Jason Royle (guitar), Paul Chanin (bass) and Adam Tyree (drums), and joined a little later in the year by Rowan Malpass (rhythm guitar).
At this stage, Pariah concentrated on covering other band's songs, from Tsunami Bomb and Papa Roach to Nirvana and Hell Is For Heroes, giving them what they needed to begin to play gigs.
Pariah's first gig was at The George Hotel in Glossop for a private birthday party.They then started to play regular weekend gigs at The Witchwood, in Ashton-Under-Lyne, supporting Outrage, a modern punk band. Pariah wanted more than just supporting slots at punk gigs, so they decided to develop a heavier sound. At this point Rowan decided to leave the band as the heavier style of music was not to his taste. By this time, Pariah was covering bands such as 36 Crazyfists and Trivium and were starting to create their material.
As Pariah were changing the style of music, Matthew Lindsay joined and became the new rhythm guitarist, bringing with him a host of new creative ideas. Pariah formed a musical alliance with a new metal band on the local scene, Violent Haze, going on to play many gigs together at various local venues, and establishing a friendly rivalry.
Unfortunately, due to personal differences within the band (long since resolved), Paul Chanin left Pariah, subsequently joining Violent Haze. He was quickly replaced by Rose Garratt.
Some months later, Pariah had to be put on hold for a few months,which resulted in them losing Matthew Lindsay. In mid 2006, Matthew re-joined Pariah and the band started to practise regularly once again and work on new material. Matthew left Pariah again and was replaced by Andy Yates. There was a further change to the line-up in August 2007 when Rose Garratt had to leave the band due to university commitments. Lauren Riddell Smith stepped into the breach, completing the current Pariah line-up.
At the begining of 2007, the band decided it was make or break time; they either had to get serious, or give up. They discarded much of the old material, decided to go for an even heavier sound, and spent most of the year focusing on writing new material,and practising hard. In October 2007, they recruited the services of Phoenix Promotions and Management, with Em from PP&M assuming the role of band manager, promoter and booking agent.
The transformation of Pariah has been incredible; from being yet another dodgy "metal" covers band, to the band they are today.They now play a tight, musically technical set, with driving beats and searing riffs, fronted by Rose Longson prowling the stage...alternating between virtiolic snarling and angelic, soaring vocals.
On 17th November 2007, Pariah had a local relaunch, at the Rebirth gig. They went down a storm, with people demanding to know "When did Pariah get good?". This buoyed the band's confidence and gave them the incentive to start work on a demo, which was unleashed in January 2008 and was very well received.
2008 has been a busy year, as anticipated, with relentless gigging, recording the debut album and securing a co-headline slot on Master's European tour in the New Year. Unfortunately, Woobly had had to take some time out from gigging, but luckily Shane Crean was happy to step in until Woobly is able to resume her gigging duties.
Nearing the end of the year, Pariah are looking forward to the new challenges and adventures that 2009 will bring.
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