Paragoria Paragoria is a band that continued the work of a band named The Scourge. Their music is defined as death / thrash / groove metal. The first big festival apppearance of this band was at Paranoid Open Air festival in 2009, right after releasing their first demo cd From the Ashes. In 2011 the band renamed and changed their drummer and genre of music, applying some new progressive metal elements.
The new Paragoria introduced new songs and line-up in July 2011 at Metalcamp festival in Tolmin. A month later they performed at Metal Mania Open Air festival in Komen. In 2012 the band worked on the layout of their own studio, where they self-recorded their new album. First album from Paragoria is entitled Decomposition of mind, it was released on October 4th 2013.
Paragoria went into slightly different musical direction, but kept the groove they had in their previous formation. It is easy to flow along with their death metal groove, combined with thrashy or even crossover parts and spiced up by sludge and progressive elements. According to Paragoria, it looks that it is still possible to make a fresh sounding death metal album.
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