OnslaughtLet there be death....Let there be Thrash!
England may not be the first country you’ll think of when it comes to Thrash Metal. Yet, it’s hard not to think of Onslaught when mentioning legendary bands of the genre. ‘Power From Hell’ (1985) and ‘The Force’ (1986) have a well deserved place in the collection of any old school Metal fanatic and the British quintet continues to release quality Thrash records.
Formed as a Punk band in the early eighties by guitarist Nige Rockett and drummer Steve Grice, Onslaught gradually transforms into Britain’s finest Thrash collective. A natural progression, according to Rockett. The speeding frenzy of neck breaking riffs, ripping leads and powerful songs made the aforementioned albums a success among the European underground.
After being disbanded in 1991, the band returned in 2007 with ‘Killing Peace’, the musical equivalent of being hit in the teeth with a sledgehammer, featured the high speed Thrash the band is notorious for, combined with crushing mid tempo tracks, with Keeler soaring on top that more powerful than ever, and was a fist in the face of anyone who deemed the Brits dead.
In 2010 a new chapter is about to come, the band signs with AFM records from Germany to release their 5th studio Album late this fall. Nige Rockett comments: “It's extremely violent and back to our roots in many ways, but also sounding very contemporary in its entirety. We just can't wait to get it out there and play these fu***** live, cuz that's what this record has been written for; crushing skulls.”
Be sure to check Onslaught out when they’re around, because their future only promises to be even more heavy and crushing than ever before!
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