Omophagia2007 - Omophagia came into existence in December 2006 when Beni (Vocals) and Henrique (guitar) decided to found a deathmetal band. Soon after Raphael (guitar), RafaHell (bass guitar) und Lehmä (drums) joined and so Omophagia became a complete band in May 2007.
2008 - Omophagia got the first possibilities to play live and in March they recorded and released their demo called “Devouring Raw Flesh” by themselves. Unfortunately Raphael decided to leave the band in the beginning of September due to time-reasons, but not long after his retreat Mischa became his dignified replacement. Meanwhile Omophagia played more than a dozen concerts including the Metalfest at Z7 where they had the honor to play with Morbid Angel, Kataklysm and Keep Of Kalessin.
2009 - For Omophagia the next year has begun at least as successful as past one. They got the occasion to play many concerts and festivals nation-wide and abroad, for example at Tran-silvania CH, at the notorious Mountains Of Death and also at the Metalcamp Slovenia. At the end of 2009, Omophagia started the preparations for their forthcoming debut-album.Because of money- and time-reasons they decided to record it by themselves, therefore they rebuilt their rehearsal-room into a studio.
2010 - Omophagia put a lot of energy into new songs and started to record their new album „Guilt By Nescience“. Meanwhile Omophagia had a good reputation among the swiss deathmetal- scene and was able to play many concerts (for example as support of Belphegor).
2011 - The year started very well with supporting the band Hail of Bullets in January. Furthermore the recordings for the debut-album were completed and have been sent to “Hertz”-Studio in Poland (Decapitated, Vader, Behemoth, Hate etc.) for mixing and mastering.Afterwards the first setback appeared by the exit of Lehmä due to time-reasons. But still, at the 14th of May, Omophagia re-leased their debut-album called „Guilt By Nescience“ after four years of band-existence and almost 40 concerts. Unfortunately the release-party had to be played without any drummer (just with drum-tracks). Omophagia decided not to play any further concerts without a drummer and therefore was looking for a good replacement for Lehmä.At the end of July Omophagia has been completed again by the joining of a very talented drummer called Stefan Wild and is stronger than ever!
2012 - Omophagia was able to play at the biggest Metal-Festival in Switzerland to date called Meh Suff. In addition a big dream came true by supporting Brujeria at their first and only swiss show. Meanwhile Omop- hagia started to write new songs and began prepera- tions to record another album. In addition to that Omophagia had to move out of their previous rehearsal-room and found a new one in Zurich City. They decided to build their own studio for being totally independent and flexible. 9 months of hard work of constructing their studio had begun.
2013 - In February Omophagia was invited to play at Coyote Brutal Fest 7 Moscow. But besides this show not many concerts were given sinceOmophagia had to concentrate on building their studio and writing new songs. By the end of the year Omophagia completed the working on the studio and the recordings for the new album could be started.
2014 / 2015 - Omophagia completed their work on their new album called „In The Name Of Chaos“. The album was again mixed and mastered by the mighty Hertz Studio in Poland. Also they shot a professional music video of one of their songs.Everything is ready to release the fastest and heaviest album in Omophagias history. The release date is set to spring 2016 before they go on tour with Morgoth and Incantation.
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