OkkultokratiOkkultokrati spawned from the Black Hole Crew in 2008 and has been with Fysisk Format ever since, spreading their own unique take on metal-fueled hardcore punk. Aside from a series of 7″ EPs and splits with fellow crewmates Årabrot and Haust, they have so far released the two full-lengths “No Light For Mass” in 2010 and “Snakereigns” in 2012, each release delving deeper into the subterranean crypts of the underground and returning with more of all that genre-exceeding darkness which Fysisk Format loves. Here, have a knockout cocktail-mix of 80s hardcore, the same era’s metal underground and the ever-present ghost of Black Sabbath. Or as Brooklyn Vegan put it: “Okkultokrati is definitely rooted in punk, but in the same way that Venom and Motorhead is. Slithering, metallic black rock and roll with moments of crushing doom is the central theme.”
Okkultokrati operate with a broad definition of “the occult”; though their cover artwork’s always clad in uncompromising black and white, Sebastian Rusten’s illustrations for all of the band’s releases represent everything from sci-fi, extraterrestial themes to Theodor Kittelsen-inspired natural folklore. In this, the visual aesthetic mirrors the musical one: varied sources of inspiration, but all dirty and leaving no stone unturned in terms of old school nihilism.
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