Odpisani Hardcore punk band ODPISANI was formed in 1995. The band was very active during the first years, when they played at some of the biggest festivals in Slovenia (Novi Rock 96, The Best od Novga Rocka 91-96...) toured through almost every club in Slovenia, supported groups like FAITH NO MORE, THE LURKERS, G.B.H., CLAWFINGER, THE EXPLOITED, BOOZE & GLORY, THE CASUALTIES, PROPAIN...
The band also toured in the Netherlands, Germany, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Hungary... ODPISANI also performed at some major festivals as MONTE PARADISO, ROCK MARATON, PETROLEUM BEAT ...
In 1995 the EP »ODPISANI« was self-released, followed by the CD »PREOBRAT« In 1997 for Statera Records, and »PARTISAN HARD CORE«, released in 2000 also for Statera Records. The band released the next CD »ŠAH MAT« 14 years later for God Bless This Mess Records, and the album was very well received by critics and audiences. Following the release of this album, the band gained new momentum and actively returned to European concert stages.
The new CD “PRVA VRSTA” was released in 2018 for Petroleum Beat Records. The songs were produced and recorded by legendary Tue Madsen (Madball, Sick of it all…) in Beartracks Recording Studio in Slovenia.
The ODPISANI songs can also be found on some of the more prominent music compilations such as HARDCORE Woldwide Vol.2, EUROPEAN Hardcore 97, SPRP Punk Rock Val 14 and 18...
At the end of 2019, the band went to the studio again, recording three new songs in English language, which were released first as single videos in early 2020, and then with other new songs included on a new CD the band released in 2020 to mark the band’s 25th anniversary. The producer of the new songs was Tue Madsen once more.
The CD“Raised Fist” with 3 new songs was released on 1.3.2020 for Petroleum Beat Records.
The band immediately released two new videos for the song "Raised Fist" and soon after the video for the song "Lotmerk Underground", which became one of the best known Odpisani songs.
After 25 years there was a change in the line up. The founding members of the band, guitarist Peter and singer Borut, decided to leave the band for personal reasons.
The remaining original members of the group - drummer Sasha and bassist Jože, still had great will to keep working so they started looking for new members.
The new members are young blood Marko on guitar from the Croatian band SENF and former COLD-SNAP vocalist Dario Berg. The new line- up immediately began reworking and translating old songs into English, and at the same time working intensively on new songs. In June 2021, the band moved back to the studio, where 5 new songs was recorded. The video for the first single "Remembered" was online in the autumn 2021. The next video the band released was for the song “Burden” off of the same new EP called “Rebirth”.
The new video and EP were released in December 2021 for Monsterbilly Records on CD and vinyl.
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