ObnounceThe first Obnounce line-up got together in the middle of Autumn 1998, with many influences and ideas which were joined with common wishes to play aggressive and melodic metal. At the end of last millenium Obnounce played their first shows. Even more shows followed in 2001.
In August 2001 Obnounce recorded Demo CD for promotional use. A year later another recording session took place – Obnounce recorded track Rage Of Disease for Slovenian metal compilation volume 1. They were also active live at that time, playing Slovenia and Austria with well-known Slovenian and foreign bands.
In 2004 the band takes a break from concerts and took time for studio work. A final result is release of their debut album Remnants Of Humanity, released at the end of March 2005 through On Parole Productions. This album is represented with bands own work on eight songs of melodic black death metal with influences of gothic and thrash metal. Obnounce also took part on compilation New Order Volume One with track Soul Reaper.
The release of Remnants Of Humanity was followed by successful Slovenian tour which was concluded on the biggest Slovenian metal festival Metal Camp 2005.
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