NothingtonImagine a group of young musicians finding success, travelling internationally on high profile tours, gracing covers of magazines, endorsing products and having all the marks of what a “successful” band has in its routine. For Gabe Lindmen and Jay Northington, who had spent the better part of the early 2000’s in the wildly successful pop punk outfit, Tsunami Bomb, it was just the kind of success story that seemed too good to be true at such a young age. And just as things seemed like they couldn’t possibly get any better, the spring of 2006 saw Tsunami Bomb brought to an abrupt end with the group disbanded and tied up in litigation.
Enter Nothington, in the fall of 2006. Jay and Gabe began practicing and writing songs in an old woodshop in Petaluma. It quickly became evident that the project would be a labor of love between the two bandmates and what emerged was the idea for both to get back to their punk rock roots. It was during endless hours on tour buses, planes and strange lands, that they began conspiring in shared musical aspirations. At the time, the incessant games of “guess what song” and “dude, check this out” seemed like time killers and not much thought was given to creating a project that was all their own. So they scrounged up some cash and recorded a handful of demos and posted them on-the-fly on a social networking page they’d thrown together. It all happened so seamlessly that little thought was given to what they actually intended to do with those songs. For Gabe and Jay, making music was their calling and it seemed natural to just keep on and who better than with the familiar face of each other. After all, they’d both spent the greater part of their early twenties together. Resulting from these sessions is a rich sound filled with hints from Jay’s Southern background providing a leaning towards soulful songwriting mixed with influences that the band proudly wears on their road worn hearts like Tom Waits, Leatherface, and Mike Ness. All men who growl, and growl Jay does!.
Just a few weeks after their demos were online they began playing with another orphaned musician, Chris Mutalich, whose most notable previous band, Enemy You, had been inactive for a number of years and whose most recent, Try Failing, were ill fated, again leaving Chris without a band. At the very first practice, it became clear that in addition to his guitar duties, Chris’ classic snotty punk vocals would provide the perfect balance to Jay’s deep growl. To their surprise, they began to field inquiries from labels big and small. Eventually, it was the LA based label, BYO Records, that the band decided they would release their highly anticipated debut album as well as their 2nd full length "Roads, Bridges,and Ruins"
For Nothington, their story is just as important. As their sound as every note, every guitar riff and growl comes from the heart. At the core of it, they’re just searching to get back to their punk rock roots, to something that is simple and not complicated by business or genres or the latest fad. With the release of “All In” the band have finally found their way.
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