NoMNoM means “Nuisance of Majority” – we do admit that this is not a catchy name but it means a lot to us in the sense of the refusal of blind conformity and the support of self-fulfillment. “We were never fitting well in any specific corner and it just feels good not being able to be labeled” states Andre. NoM originates from Hamburg/Kiel in Northern Germany is active since more than 15 years. Especially the chaotic and intense live performances have brought the band a good reputation as a live band and some unforgettable anecdotes.
The music has always been hard to nail down to a specific scene – the music can be best described as some kind of desert rock outfit being on a total destruction tour, incorporating influences from Stoner/Doom and old-school Hardcore into an unique blend. The major influences are pretty broad but the Misfits, Intergrity, Entombed and Kyuss are among the most obvious ones. That is maybe why the band already played support for bands like Cancer Bats, Peter Pan Speedrock, Smoke Blow and Doomriders several times.
The new album SAVAGE RITUAL pays more tribute to the Doom/Metal roots than previous records and combines the output of the past 15 years into an unique blend, where the name tells the story: „music means more to us than just hang around with your best mates – we can let out our aggression and transform it into something physically and mentally positive – this is our savage ritual” says Christoph.
Released on TOANOL RECORDS and BACKBITE RECORDS the band will retain its DIY spirit and full control about the songwriting and style.
With the new album, the band will go on tour again and will play gigs in Germany, Slovenia, Austria and Czech Republic. Stonerheads, Metalfreaks and Punrockers of this world, unite!
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