Nocturnal Graves2004: Nocturnal Graves begin with the first line-up:
J.: Guitars & Vox
R.: Thunderbass
S.R.: Drums
Demo 1 "Profanation of Innocence" recorded May, Demo 2 "Deathstorm" Recorded July. First live show in August.
2005: Gigs in Melbourne, Bendigo and Brisbane Australia take place early in the new year before S.R. leaves the band.
"Necromancer" pic 7"EP recorded June as a 2 piece with J. handling drums, vox and guitar duties, R. on Bass.
Nocturnal Graves sign with Nuclear War Now! Productions.
2006: More line up changes when Eradicator joins the fold.
The "Necromancer" Pic 7"EP is released in October by Deathstrike Records.
2007: Early nights of 2007 see the "Satan's Cross" LP recorded along with the departure of Eradicator.
Hexx (Trench Hell) joins the band on lead guitar in time for an Australian tour with Danish Black Horror Metal ghouls Denial of God.
Late 2007 Nuclear War Now! Productions release "Satan's Cross" on LP/Pic LP/CD.
Hexx deciding to focus more energy towards his own band Trench Hell is no longer a member of Nocturnal Graves thus closing the chapter of 2007, a triumphant years end forged in Blood and Fire!!!..
2008: Writing material for a split LP with the Finnish Band Hellspirit along with the search for a new guitarist means 2008 moves past with little action...
2009: Early 2009 4 new tracks recorded for "The Gravespirit Sessions" Split LP (with Hellpsirit) and is released by Nuclear War Now! Productions.
1st European Rituals are performed in November with Decaylust from Denouncement Pyre taking on lead guitar duties.
2010: The band goes on hiatus until...
2012: Nocturnal Graves rise up from the crypt with a new line-up of:
J.R. - Bass/Vox (Impious Baptism, Ex-Destroyer 666)
Decaylust - Lead Guitars (Denouncement Pyre)
Shrapnel - Lead Guitars (Ex- Destroyer 666)
L.W. - Drums (Denouncement Pyre)
Material for a second album is exhumed throughout the remainder of the year and a new deal with Hells Headbangers Records is forged.
2013: The new album "...From the Bloodline of Cain" is recorded at I-HQ Recordings Australia and is released in October 2013 through Hells Hedbangers Records.
A series of live shows have and will be performed throughout the year, with plans to finally reach the USA, and more shows in Europe in the coming future. You have been warned... The hunt goes on!!!
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