Nocturnal Depression2013
- Recording of the new album “Spleen Black Metal” starts
- Release of the EP “L’Isolement” by Avantgarde Music
- European Mini-Tour as support for Make A Change…Kill Yourself
- First time playing in Spain and Portugal
- V. from Myrd/Angantyr live session joins Nocturnal Depression in place of Avskrius
- “The Cult of Negation Brazilian Tour” is performed over Brazilian Territory
- Tracks for the EP “L’Isolement” are recorded.
- Spreading Negation tour Pt II ended in Austria after 14 gigs across Europe
- Spreading Negation Tour Pt II continues accross Europe.
- Co-headlining Tour with Angantyr in April 2011.
- Release of “The Cult of Negation” Lp by Funeral Industries
- Release of “Suicidal Thoughts MMXI” by Sun&Moon Records
- Headliner for Satanburg II in Russia.
– Spreading Negation Tour Pt II start in different festivals and countries
- “The Cult of Negation” album is released on cd/Digipack/Limited box by the famous Italian label Avantgarde Music.
- Some tapes are released by NightBirds Records (Ukraina)
- Spreading Negation Over Mexico Tour is performed in December over Mexican Territory
- Haunting Europe Tour is scheduled and done. - Release of Vinyl and splits.
- Some gigs are performed accross Europe. Re-Releases of « Nostalgia and Four Seasons to a Depression » Release of « Reflections of a Sad Soul »
- Releases of « Soundtrack for a Suicide – opus II » as cd pro Re-releases of « Nostalgia, Suicidal Thoughts, Near to the Stars and Soundtrack for a Suicide opus II »
- Releases of « Nostalgia – Fragments of a broken past »,« Four Seasons to a Depression » and « Split with Funeral RIP ». First live apparition in Grenoble (France)
- Releases of « Soundtrack for a Suicide » and « F.O.P.B.M »
- Release of the first demo cdr « Suicidal Thoughts » and « Near to the Stars »
Middle of 90's
Nocturnal Depression appears, the first song are written but not recorded yet.
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