NoctemNoctem, was consolidated as a extreme metal band in April 2001. It’s founders cradled by the ideals of violence exaltation, misanthropy and antithesis to the totality of the absurd religions created this most excellent machine of War , which advances by leaps and bounds among the ranks of a putrid and poor social values infested civilization.
In 2002 the band records their first work “Unholy blood” which was commercialized for 2 years. After several formation changes the band continues their way making national level concerts and composing new tracks, totally immersed in the search of a more personal music style.
The band releases during two years their live cd “live 2004” auto produced and recorded in their natal city.
In 2007-2008, after the departure of two of their most ancient members a restructure takes place in the band to later on, release the record of the mcd “God Among Slaves”. With the release of this work and the big success among the online press and metal heads, the band, with its new components, fulfills different tours through the country accompanied in the Spanish stages by foreign bands…
In 2008 the band signs with the label Noisehead Records (Austria) and carries out an european tour “Noctem European Tour 08” where the band destroys the European stages of Spain, Portugal, France, Andorra, UK, Belgium and Italy.
In January of 2009 the band records at Vienna their debut album “Divinity” which counts with the collaborations of Christos Antoniou (Septic flesh and Chaos star) and of Leal (ex-Forever Slave). The album was released in April by the musical seal Noisehead Records in Europe and in May with Relapse Records in the USA. For the present time, the band has recorded two videos exracted from the album "Divinity", standing out the violent and censored "Across Heracles towards", directed by Miguel Angel Font Bisier.
The band performs different presentations of the album “Divinity” in festivals and tours, like the ones at Spain or Portugal in 2009, sharing stage in some concerts with first level bands like Malevolent Creation (USA), Vomitory (Sweden) and Napalm Death, in their spanish dates.
In 2010, Noctem goes out on tour with very high level bands like Incantation and Hate in a european tour in January, stopping by Great Britain, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Netherlands and Chez Republic.
In february of the same year the band records their third video extracted from their album "Divinity", that will be released in the summer of 2010.
Acquiring major recognition in both national and international level. In May, of the same year, Noctem gets involved in another european tour with the Norwegian Black metal band Ragnarok, this time sharing stages in countries like: Austria, Germany, Poland, Netherlands and Belgium.
In november of 2010 the band joins Gorgoroth on tour, this time through Eastern Europe and other countries; also sharing stages with bands like Finntroll and Carach Angren.
In march of 2011 the band announces their signing with Rising records for the worldwide release of their new album: Oblivion.
The album was pre-released in Spain from 25/04/2011 and worldwide from 13/06/2011.
The Oblivion Spanish Tour 2011 started in the end of April and the band destroyed the national stages during May, June, August and finally September.
In summer of 2011 and after receiving a brutal feedback from the international metal press and metalheads, Noctem announce their appearance in the "Lux Mundi Europe Tour 2011", where the band will share stage with international well known acts like Samael, Melechesh and Keep of Kalessin.
In september of 2011, Noctem joins forces with Nekronos promotion agency from Portugal and the prestigious label Metal Blade Records (Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Amon Amarth...) announces the release of Oblivion in NorthAmerica. The official release is fixed for the 25th of October.
The album receives great and outstanding reviews in Europe and NorthAmerica. In december of 2011, the band releases the first video for the album Oblivion, based in a live show of the band, "The Arrival of the False Gods" is the elected track. In the same month Noctem tours in Finland for their first time in a 4-dates mini tour, including Helsinki, Porvoo, Kokkola and Turku.
Noctem starts 2012 touring through Europe. The band join forces with Pest Promotions from Eastern Europe and Stigia Booking & Management (for Spanish booking), getting as well a new endorser: New Rock boots from Spain. Several tours like Iberian Conquest (with Coprolith) and European Conquest, including summer festivals like Jam Rock Fest, Czech Death Fest, Costa de Fuego, Leyendas del Rock and Motocultor Fest; sharing stage with Guns n Roses, Marylin Manson, In flames, Deicide, Municipal Waste, Dark Tranquility, Suffocation and many more...
Oblivion has received several outstanding reviews from European and NorthAmerican metal press, also being included in the Top List of Best 2011 Releases by Sonic Abuse (Uk), in the 3rd position as Best Underground Metal Album/International on The Whiplasher (Austria), Between the best bads of 2011, including Best Live Performance, Best Cover, Best Video for "The Arrival of the False Gods" by; Best cover artwork by Boulevard Brutal (France) and nominated for Best Melodic Black Metal Album by Metal Storm.
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