Night HorseTradition lies deep in the music of Los Angeles rock and roll group NIGHT HORSE, which features members of dirge soundscapists Ancestors and the vocal styling of Sam James Velde, formerly of explorative and adventurous rockers Bluebird. NIGHT HORSE bring a saddle bag full of heavy, raw and riffed-out blues-tinged rock steeped in the likes of John Lee Hooker, Taste, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac and The Allman Brothers Band without a retro stitch. NIGHT HORSE rein in the past with a firm heel in the present, galloping next to such like-minded contemporaries as Harvey Milk, Down and Priestess. Delivering heavy testimonials harnessed with a twin lead guitar assault, NIGHT HORSE join hands with these brothers in arms.
NIGHT HORSE began in late January 2008. Their early rumblings could be heard through the moniker "The Mother Fucking Razorbacks," a name that Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead coined after meeting them in front of Hollywood's esteemed landmark, the Hustler store. The band had come together to feed their collective hunger to play straight forward rock n roll music. Night Horse, who were actively seeking out the perfect front man, found just that in Sam James Velde. After having disbanded Bluebird and spent the past few years developing his eclectic record label Cold Sweat Records, Sam was eager to rejoin the ranks of the rock n rollers. The meeting was set and the collective love for all things 'rock n roll' was channeled. The 5-piece bonded over a common love of bands like the Alice Cooper Group, early Aerosmith, Van Halen, Sir Lord Baltimore and ZZ Top.
Soon after the lineup was set the band changed their name due to certain sports team infringements. With the idea of music being a thing of the night, and a 'swift kick and a gallop' to the heart brought the name NIGHT HORSE to the fold. Songs were written, performed live, and recorded, all over the short course of a few months.
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