NifelheimNifelheim was formed in 1990 by Tyrant and Hellbutcher as a complete black metal band. The musical idea was to play an original style of dark speed/black metal. They quickly gained recognition because of their originality, sheer brutality and antagonistic approach. The band signed a record deal with American label Necropolis records in 1993 and recorded their first album "Nifelheim" the following year. It gained a worldwide cult status immediately. During the years the band have recorded several albums, "Devil's force" 97, "servants of darkness" 2000 & "Envoy of Lucifer" 2007. The approach has always been the same a complete metal attack from hell with live shows filled with blood fire and death! In 2013 the band went into their most strongest phase in their existence with a a line up including Tamás Buday (Tormentor, Hun), Felipe Plaza and Eric key Ljung.
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