NibiruThe saga of Magus Noctum has started in year 2001 when five metalheads decided to add something new on Slovenian metal scene. They were one of the first black metal bands with keyboards and made their music more atmospheric from other Slovenia black metal bands. They played several concerts and after two demo records they relesed their first full lenght album in 2003 called GUARDIAN OF THE DESERT and went on tour with bands FORLORN and LORD BELIAL. In year 2004 they relesed their second album caled THE FALL OF SHIN'AR which was promoted by tour over Slovenia and neighbouring countries, but the fairy tell did't took long, black cloud covered them and they decided to stop playing.
At the beginning of the year 2007 idea was born that Magus Noctum would start to play again.
At first they wanted to play under name Magus Noctum and because of new line up they decided to play under new name. So NIBIRU were born.
NIBIRU started with four members and without keyboards initially and played two shows in december 2007. Because of lack of better atmosphere in music they decided to engage keyboards. So Diana became from session keyboard player to official band member. Now all five members merged their strenghts to create material for their album!
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