NeurotechDefine Neurotech:
- Neurotechnology is any technology that has a fundamental influence on how people understand the brain and various aspects of consciousness, thought, and higher order activities in the brain. It also includes technologies that are designed to improve and repair brain function and allow researchers and clinicians to visualize the brain.
Otherwise, it's a futuristic metal/electronica hybrid run by Wulf, who is also the songwriter and producer behind the bands releases.
The idea for the band goes a long way back, but it became serious when Transhuman EP was completed in 2007 and released in January 2008. It contained 5 powerful songs filled with sonic soundscapes, simple yet aggressive guitar riffs combined with a lot of synthesizers.
Few shows were made to support the release, but the main goal was to create and release a full length album.
In 2008 a websingle - The Angst Zeit was released to show people a bit upgraded Neurotech sound and direction.
Then - in years of composing, experimenting, failing, learning, and some more failing, the debut album was released in March 2011.
Antagonist is a developed vision of Neurotech. Big choruses, choirs, melodies and carefully chosen harmonic content combined with a dense production makes Neurotech move another step in the right direction. Album lyrics are always written from a multiangle point of view - dealing with topics such as - inner opponents, anxiety and agoraphobia, to nonexistence of a modern indentity.
With completion of Antagonist, Neurotech looks in to the future again.
To be continued.
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