NeurastheniaThe band was born in 1996 under the name of Animalator. After many years of live performances and two demos welcomed by the critics, the band split up due to deep individual incompatibilities within.
This didn't stop Neil and Lehmann, who in summer of 2004 brought the band back to life with a new line-up under the name of Neurasthenia: Neil (vocals/rhythm guitar), Lhemann (bass), Simone (lead guitar), Leo (drums). Finally in early 2005 with the new members the band recorded his first demo entitled "Full Force Of Thrashers!" and the single "Majestic March".
After one year of a good live activity, the band's line-up changed again with Steve (drums) and Phill (lead guitar). At the beginning of 2006 the band released "Return Under Neurasthenia" and with this final line-up the live activity around Italy grown very well.
In October 2006 Neurasthenia entered Studio 73 to record his first full-length “Possessed” with the well-known producer and sound engineer Paso.
Neurasthenia signed with Uk-Division Records and the album will be distributed in Europe with Sony distribution, in Italy under Andromeda distribution and in Uk under Uk-Division.
With the management of Alkemist Fanatix Europe the band will support Testament in the first TESTAMENTS Italian gigs in 2008.In the 2007 the band sign with the Italian Booking Agency MACHADA PROMOTION and starts the collaboration with Bologna Rock City agency....At the beginning of 2008 NEURASTHENIA has played with CRYING STEEL and will play with VISION DIVINE, ONSLAUGHT, CARNAL FORGE....actually the band starts to record the pre-production of the new album that will entitled YOUR OMEN!
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