Negura BungetEmerging from the spiritual emmanences of immortal lands, Negura Bunget started their journey through Black Metal at the beginning of 1995 as a duo, with Hupogrammos Disciple's on guitars / vocals / keyboards and Negru on drums. The first demo, From Transilvanian Forest was recorded at Magic Sound Studio in Bucharest in November 1995 and released at the end of the year, under the band’s original name, Wiccan Rede. Aiwazz Valah Disciple was in the band when the demo was recorded, but left the band shortly afterwards. The first live performance took place at a festival in Buzau in June 1995, followed by concerts all around Romania.
Negura Bunget began their spiritual exploration of the world and spirituality of their ancestors with the debut album, Zirnindu-sa, released by newly founded Romanian label Bestial Records at the end of 1996. The album was recorded in October 1996, at Magic Sound Studio in Bucharest. The 8 tracks of the album display nothing but Pure Transilvanian Black Metal. Zirnindu-sa brought not just a change of name, but a whole new ideology and deeper personal involvement. The album was later released on CD by U.S. label Breath of Night Records. The release of the album was followed again by concerts all over the country.
December 1998 brought Negura Bunget’s second release, the Sala molksa mini-album, once more on Bestial Records. The material was recorded during June-August 1998 at Show Factory Studio in Timisoara. With the addition of the third official member, Spurcatu, on guitars/bass, the 4 tracks of Sala molksa unveiled a much more straight-forward sound, complex, aggressive, atmospheric, fast - simply The Music of Transilvanian Spirituality. The band played in July 1999 at the Open Hell Festival in Volyne (Czech Republic) beside Avenger, Silent Stream of Godless Elegy, Root, Maniac Butcher, in a live line-up featuring Vampir on bass and Daniel (Thy Veils) on keyboards. A special participation at the end of the gig was the one of Akhenaten (Judas Iscariot/Breath of Night) who played with the band the Immortal cover Blashyrk. Numerous gigs in Romania followed.
Maiastru sfetnic is the third opus of Negura Bunget. The album was recorded at Bilutza Studio in Timisoara in June 2000 and is available on a special digipak format (designed and handmade by Negura Bunget) and tape, both releases by Bestial Records. T-shirt and LS are also available. More than 56 minutes, yet only 6 epic tracks, united in haunts, evilness, descent, atmospheres, speed and aggression… displaying the band vision on how a Black Metal based world should have been look like. New gigs followed, in Belgrade (Serbia), Budapest (Hungary), Bucharest, Szombor (Serbia), with bands such as May Result, Stone to Flesh, Christian Epidemic, Land of Charon, Ahriman. The new live line-up featured Vampir on keyboards and Ursu on bass.
Maiastru sfetnic also led the band to sign a new 3 album contract with Italian label code666 Records. A new track was recorded specially for code666’s compilation Better Undead than Alive, and the band's first video was shot for the same track (Vazduh) on the mountains of Transilvania.
In June 2002 Negura Bunget entered again the Magic Sound Studio to record their forth album, the first one for code666 Records. ‘N crugu bradului can be seen as a spiritual endeavor though the essences of the Transilvanian traditional spirituality. Just 4 tracks, symbolically representing the 4 seasons through a year frame evolution, yet 54 minutes of the most conceptual Black Metal. A special designed digipak is again on work, the release date being scheduled for late 2002.
Several hundreds of interviews published in many of the major European and international magazines (including Ablaze, Ablazine, Ledo Takas, Thrashing Rage, Eternity, Erebus, Chronicles of Chaos) and good reviews of all their material made Negura Bunget an important name in the Black Metal underground.
With more than 100 live appearances so far, Negura Bunget feel ready to unleash the power of their Black Metal, promoting the new album and as always, The Transilvanian Spirituality.
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