NecrotikWe are critical and loud! From the filthiest corner of Balkan. Necrotik is a Slovenian army of five, shaking Slovenian stages since 2008.
Since they are reluctant to compartmentalize they have named their style of play to HARDCORE PORNPOP. Fast, aggressive and groovy but at the same time melodic instrumental 'ripping your face off' attitude with Balkan trumpets.
Aljoša Hrastar (vocals, guitar), Blaž Lončar (guitar), Tadej Cholewa (bass) and Timotej Hrastar (drums) arised louder and more radical band than ever before.
They recorded a demo "Holier than You", followed by the EP "Synonymous with Dead" and the video for the song "Icons of impurity". Both products were accompanied by concerts in Slovenia and abroad. After a two-year break, they are returning with fresh blood, with more strength and of course with a new album proudly titled "Balkan Idiocracy".
Necrotik encourages their nation nevertheless to suppression and tyranny to stand up for themselves and hold together with the middle finger rising proudly in the sky. Absurdity, terror, stupidity and political oppression against working class hero are the terms that became almost normal in modern demoncracy.
But if you stop for a moment and think: "What is a country without its people? We are country - we are the nation - we the people.''
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