NahemaHNahemaH is the product of the artistic interests of Alicante-based musicians.
The project was born at the beginning of 1997 and from the launch of their first album, “Chrysalis”, in 2001, NahemaH’s music has been well received by the public and has got very good reviews from the media. This has allowed the group to go international, and become the only Spanish group with a record deal with the prestigious German label Lifeforce Records (who work with groups such as Trivium, Caliban, Heaven Shall Burn, Raunchy…).
Formed by Pablo Egido (Vocals), Miguel Palazón, (Guitar), Roberto Marco (Guitar), Paco Porcel (Bass) & Enrique Perez “Fabique” (Drums) NahemaH has developed its own style, as recognised by the international public.
Recently the band signed sponsorship deals with the esteemed labels of Gibson Guitars & Orange Amps.
NahemaH’s first album reflects influences from bands such as Opeth or Dark Tranquillity. The positive reviews the group received allowed them to participate in a Spanish tour, (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza, Alicante, Murcia…), with bands like Centinex, And One, Invincible Spirit, Nosferatu, Moonspell, or Alastis. Moreover, Nahemah got through to the final stage of the international “Villa de Bilbao ‘06” contest.
The popularity gained in Spain could be seen in the group becoming the most voted for band of the year by the readers of “Hell Awaits” magazine in 2002. Meanwhile across the Atlantic a special edition of “Chrysalis” was re-edited by Mexican label Concreto Records.
Without losing the energy or the essence of extreme metal, NahemaH evolved on their second release towards a much more characteristic and genuine sound, creating their own expression through new influences like post-rock/hardcore, stoner rock, emo-core, and new electronic sounds.
The result of this mix was the group’s second album, composed of 10 songs with a solid concept, released worldwide this time through the German label Lifeforce Records.
During 2007 and 2008, NahemaH presented their album “The Second Philosophy” throughout Europe on a tour with German band The Ocean, and Intronaut, from California (in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Holland…). The group played at prestigious progressive rock festival “Progpower Festival Europe” (Holland) with bands like Orphaned Land, Alchemist, Jon Oliva’s Pain, Circus Maximus & Cult Of Luna. NahemaH was also present at Spanish Alhama Metal Madness and Revoltallo festivals together with international acts like Finnish group Moonsorrow, Susperia, Nightrage, or Textures.
In 2009, NahemaH is back stronger than ever with their third album –second on Lifeforce Records- “A New Constellation“.
On this new release, recorded at Dark Mansion in October/November 2008, a more experimental and spiritual outcome can be appreciated, giving NahemaH’s characteristic and touching sound a new twist.
On this album, NahemaH once more features surprising participations on keyboards, saxophone and vocals. This year, the group also releases its first video for the song “The perfect depth of the mermaids”, already available on the website.
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