NaberiusThe band has started out in April 2004 at first as a heavy metal band. At the start of 2005 with some lineup changes and arrival of Necronomonous the band steps on the darker paths by starting to play black metal.
In April of 2006 the beast is unleashed on stage for the first time. On 1st of October the first demo called ‘Legacy of winter’ is released in limited edition of 100 handnumbered copies. Some successful shows are played after the release, playing with underground legends Zemial ends that productive era. Shortly after that bass player Necronomonous leaves the band.
The long search for a new bass player paid off with the arrival of Vraan in the summer of 2007. Naberius than successfully returns to the stage as an opening act for the legendary Horna.
Now the band is preparing the material for their debut album that should be recorded in the beginning of 2008.
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