MystifierMYSTIFIER is an Extreme Underground Metal pioneer from Brazil, formed in July of 1989 by bassist Beelzeebubth. When Beelzeebubth met Meugninousouan (vocalist), Behemoth (guitarist), and Lucifuge Rofocale (drummer), they decided to form one of the most extreme Metal acts from the dark South American lands. After nearly five months proceeding, they recorded their first demo-tape in 1989 entitled "TORMENTING THE HOLY TRINITY". The response was so extensive that Maniac Records (a small vinyl record store from their hometown) invited them to record two new songs for a single. Mystifier eagerly agreed. In July of 1990, the single, "THE EVIL ASCENSION RETURNS" was released. They were the first Metal band from their town to release material onto a label. Some Brazilian labels were very interested to deal with them. Then, in July of 1991, they recorded a promo-tape entitled "ALEISTER CROWLEY" with six fresh songs to present them to other labels.
In February of 1992, the hard work had paid off and their debut album "WICCA" was released on the rip-off label Hellion Records from Brazil. It is considered one of the most extreme albums to date for many magazines and true fans of Extreme Metal Musick. After the release of their debut album, Beelzeebubth fired Meugninousouan because of his lack of interest. Asmodeus (ex-Hatred) was recruited to become the new vocalist and keyboardplayer. At the same time, Astaroth (ex-Calvary) joined them on the second lead guitar.
During those years, the band gained enormous worldwide underground notoriety. It drew the attention of the French label Osmose Productions that dealt with them for two albums. The first one was released in the November of 1993, with worldwide distribution through SPV, entitled "GÖETIA". [Several months later, their debut album also released in Europe by Osmose Productions.] The response was a European tour request from the tour promoter Insolit - and many reviews, articles, interviews, and so forth - in international magazines and radio stations. After that release, Mystifier played in many Brazilian areas to promote the new release.
Behemoth and Astaroth had to quit the band because of their jobs and even they weren't interested to maintain a band. Paulo Lisboa (who has played in Death Metal bands for years) replaced them on the lead-guitar.
Beelzeebubth was very disappointed with the underground scene, corroded with hypocritical 'Satanic Christians' who were talking a lot of shit about Satanism, fascism, racism and nazi thoughts. He canceled the releasing of the third album. He composed new and powerful music. In August of 1996, their masterpiece third album entitled, "THE WORLD IS SO GOOD THAT WHO MADE IT DOESN'T LIVE HERE" was released with six new tracks. It's their greatest produced and recorded material; it is totally original and different from their previous old school black metal releases. Due to the caused delay, the European tour was cancelled and Osmose Productions wasn't interested anymore to re-sign the band. But, the band doesn't surrender to the trends and follows its own way playing the most extreme form of Musick born into 'Underground Philosophy'!
Beelzeebubth signed with a Brazilian label to release all MYSTIFIER albums in Brazil. The first was their debut album "WICCA," and the single "T.E.A.R." on CD format. It was released in September of 1997. Unfortunately, Aab Benaia (Lucifuge Rofocale) left the band at that time because of personal problems. Louis was attracted to temporarily replace him. Thony D'assys (formerly Carnified) was recruited to be the second lead guitarist. Both played with the band in the 'Rotting Christ Brazilian Tour' in June of 1998.
The band released their fourth full-length album entitled "Profanus" in September of 2001 with 13 fresh compositions on a Brazilian label called Encore Records. At the moment they are writing new songs for the upcoming album, on which they again will expand their musicianship into new dark areas.
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