Musica DiabloMusica Diablo was formed in 2008 with the only purpose of playing Thrash metal, when Andre NM (Nitrominds) decided at that time to call in a couple of friends for a weekly Jam. They started playing Kreator, Nuclear Assault and Municipal Waste covers while the composition process was in development. By the end of 2008 after recording some demo tracks at the rehearsal room, they felt the need of a suitable singer to complete the this line up. Andre again searching for people up to the task in his phone-book, found the number of his old friend, Derrick Green, the lead singer of the metal titans, (SEPULTURA). The whole idea around this project was a perfect opportunity for Derrick, and from there on he became the voice of Musica Diablo. The band turned out to be more productive than expected, and by the middle of 2009 they already had 15 compositions finished. Once again the urge of pushing this project to the next level made them look for a second guitar player. The vacant position was filled when Andre in early November saw the band Threat (W.o.A. Brazilian winners) performing as support for Onslaught in São Paulo. Andre Curci was the perfect match for Musica Diablo's needs. Musica Diablo's extreme fast thrash metal, with the characteristical Brazilian style and a strong root into the 80's veterans made them unique, now the need of recording a proper album was eminent. The band recorded their first album in January 2010 with the well known producer Rafael Ramos in Rio de Janeiro. A month later The Derrick completed the Vocals in São Paulo again under Rafael's production. The result is a killer Album, blast in your face of this 11 songs of pure violence, pure Brasilian Thrash Metal!
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