Muert*MMX, MUERT came to this world by the convened corpses, Ebola (voices / guitars) & Guayota (drums).
MUERT is the violent sound of the end. Fresh & mature mortuory metal in his most hostile essence, inspired in the complete death.
The bestial funeral of life. It's fanaticism to the cemeteries. Attraction for the graves. It's the necropolis authority.
The abominable destiny and the blackest of the emptyness. Simply hard & direct.
MUERT is requiem, the last sound, the black hole of humans. There hasn't been and won't be anything equal.
*MMXI, MUERT enters in studio to record "Mysteriorum Prophanationis Sepulcralis", the firstborn album. Nine tracks in 40 mins.
Mastered by Endarker Studio from Sweden (Marduk, Ofermod...). Released by Demonhood Productions(Nor), agoust MMXII.
*MMXII, MUERT records a promotional video clip "Burial In The Forest", & play the first concerts.
Muert records two songs for a split with the bands Necrogoat and Waffenträger Luzifers. Was released by Total Death Records(Ger).
Interesting concerts in Lisboa with Setherial, & Madrid with Primigenium.
*MMXIV, MUERT enters in studio to record "Ahul Xaxo", the second & conceptual album. Nine tracks in 40 mins.
Released by Self Mutilation Services(Mex), november MMXIV in digipack.
Soon more gigs, included in USA with bands as Black Witchery & Blood Storm.
Bylec-Tum Productions(Ita) release "Mysteriorum Prophanationis Sepulcralis" in cassette.
*MMXV, Muert & Sammath will release a split 10", under the label Hammerheart Records.
There are plans to get an european tour.
Eterna gloria a MUERT!
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