Most Precious BloodImmediate is exactly what MPB are, they are dead serious about their causes, their message, their fans and hardcore as a lifestyle. The band has become a living embodiment of DIY lifestyle from early on booking their own tours, creating their own t-shirts, maintaining their own website to every facet you can imagine of a band. While the cover of Merciless may be shocking, unlike many of their metal and grind contemporaries, Brannan, Rachel (guitar) Rob Fusco (vocals), Matt Miller (bass) and new drummer Colin Kercz aren't using shock value as a marketing tool, but like their music, their albums are used to communicate to their audience.
MPB began during the summer of 2000 continuing musically where Indecision left off but as years went by, the new unit joined the intensity and rage of their NYHC mentors (Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front and the Cro-Mags) along with the dark and depressing aesthetics of bands like Sisters of Mercy and The Cure. Like Indecision, MPB created their own hype by touring enough to make Black Flag look like agoraphobics. "We did tours before Mapquest and cell phones and most bands today can't imagine that." Brannan states "we would ride in a crowded van that broke down three times a day and play for whoever bothered to show up. It's not like we are looking for props but it's just to show how much we appreciate everything we get, bands today expect everything to be handed to them, they feel they're owed it after a year or two of being a band, whereas I think we appreciate it more, we're not owed anything, we just earn it." Trustkill Records released the debut album Nothing In Vain in 2001 to a landslide of hardcore and critic approval.
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