Moshead We are young thrashers from one of the oldest towns in Slovenia, Škofja Loka.
The saga started back in summer of 2011 when we were all in our diapers. Matevž and Klemen wanted to start a band so they called Gregor and began jamming. We immediately started working on our one metal material and the first song we did was a song our frontman Gregor brought to our house called Evil it was the thrashiest thing we did back in the day and the first song we ever recorded. In the beginning we played without a drummer but soon we got our rhythm machine Robi.
Matevž left us, and we got Tilen Jan, a guy who had no idea what's thrash metal and it's one of the best things that happened to us!
We recorded Game of knowledge and now, in 2019 it will be followed by next album, so stay tuned!
Łepi SŁatki Momci out!
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