MortifixionMortifixion was born on 2000th anniversary of Messiah's birth. On that day an improvised audition took place in the band's rehearsal place in Hrastnik in order to determine who was to be the master of the vocals. Among the ashes there arose a man who convinced the other three members that he indeed possesed the skill to become the frontman of the band. So without any official musical education they joined their forces to explore the hidden and the deep of their selves ... From the year 2001 and 2003 the band performed on many open air festivals and concert clubs! At the end of the year 2003 the band entered the Metelkova studio and recorded their first album! The album was relesed at the begining of the year 2004 and was promoted by many concerts through Slovenia! The first change in the band was in the year 2004 when our drumer Kasum was kicked out from the band because of his attitude! After two months the drumer's sit was taken by Jure Grudnik! The replacement was just temporary, until they found an apermanent drumer! Because of shortage according to second guitar the band also decided to enlarge the band and find another guitar player. So without any audition guitarist Lestas joined the band! In the year 2005 the band decided to work on new material and wouldn't be abble to play on concerts until the end of the year! At the begining of the year 2006 drumer Khors joined the band and he started rehersing on their new material! After three concercts their basist Arahant left the band because of his own reasons! A replacement for Arahant is Gorlock and now they all together work on new material for their second album!
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