MoraMORA had there first appearance in the metal world on the 23th november 2007, when they introduced themselves for the first time to their home crowd after just a few weeks of practice. Then with Jupoll (Vocals, Guitar), Nazgul (Guitar), Scavenger (Bass, Back Vocals) and Zli (Drums). After that, a couple of gigs all over Slovenia took place and MORA also recorded their first demo »Slaughter Begins«, which they financed on their own.In the summer of 2008 two festival gigs followed, one on the Metalcamp and the other on MetalMania Open Air. On both gigs Shk, the new drummer blasted the beats instead of Zli which due of lacking time had to leave the band. After Metal Mania Nazgul has decided to leave the band, so Mraz and Scavenger grabbed the 6-strings and Mortaas joined on bass. Jupoll also left the post as the guitarist and just focuses on the singing. MORA are currently focusing on writing and recording new material for the first EP entitled EBOLA.
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