MonrowIt all started in 2002 when five Austrian musicians set out with high goals for their band, dedicating lots of time, sweat and tears to their vision of becoming one of the top bands in the country. From the beginning, our band has been very much about family, and first steps in teamwork, composing and writing song texts were promising enough to release a first record in winter of 2003. their ideas of a non-clichéd, fresh sound provoked intensive work in order to find out what they really wanted. There had to be more than those previous tunes, so they focussed on what´s behind good music, striving for sound clarity, big full tones and concise complex structures . In a technical sense, each one of them contributed his share with his own breath of individuality in handling their instrument. Definitions like emo-core, hard-core, nu-metal are not really descriptive of their particular mixture of jarring dynamic contrasts between pommeling verses and quiet, melodic breaks, finally re-connecting with the red thread of the theme. On stage, MON:ROW attracts their audience by passionately celebrating their music with almost fierce confidence. At present they are working hard on their next release, with promising new ideas determined to let people find something that they can connect with on a true level. MONROW, three years after the beginning, had time to grow and let their audience discover the difference.
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