MondvollandMondvolland anno 2012, stands for black metal with a unique and non-typical character, combining both scream, lower grunt and different styles of clean vocals. The lyrics and atmosphere of the music bring back olden times of the birthplace of its founding members. "Mond vol land" is Dutch for "mouth full of earth" and comes from a local folk story in which giants created the hills and forests of Montferland.
This three song promotional EP Pestvogel, which is free for download for everyone, marks the new way Mondvolland goes from 2012 onwards. Two of the songs still are about local folk stories, while the opening song deals with pest embodied in the form of a bird: pestvogel.
Founding members Martijn and Mickeal started out in 2006 writing their own material, after a period of jamming. The choice to write about their own region was made very soon after they met, for they felt the so-called 'pagan/folk metal' had become too one-sided and mediocre. A concept that breathes the old soul of the Low Lands was born.
Having started out as a more folk-focused concept, Mondvolland, since 2010 a solid foursome, stands for a more atmospheric and layered side of black metal. For live shows, energy and dedication are keywords. After a promotional EP in 2009, their debut album d'Olde roop ('the old call' in Eastern-Dutch dialect) saw the light in June 2010 and was released by Apollon Records. The album was positively received by critics.
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