MoltencoreMoltencore is a five piece melodic death metal band from Kutina, Croatia. Their sound is highly influenced by Swedish school of death metal especially by At The Gates, In Flames (old), Arch Enemy, The Crown, Dark Tranquillity but they also tend to add a special touch to their music which distincts them from other melodic death metal bands. The story of Moltencore started when Kvrga (drums), Mishel (guitar), Glax (guitar) and Dac (bass) started to play some metal music in spring 2004. Since metal isn't so popular in their hometown they haven't progressed fast. During the year 2005. there were some pauses between rehearsals but the band managed to play more and more covers of In Flames, and made 3 of their own songs. In the autumn of 2005. Koshpa (vocals) joined the band and started writing some lyrics. Finally with the vocalist the band could now play live, so at first the name Machu Pichku (in Croatian it means sword-in pussy :D, but it's actually derived from Machu Picchu, famous ancient city of Incas) was chosen. The name Moltencore came up few months later, when Kvrga (who was a WoW addict) suggested the new name. After months and months of rehearsing the bands' first live performance, under the name Moltencore, took place at Organizirani Kaos (Organized Chaos) 11 fest in their hometown Kutina. In the autumn of 2006. the band had first lineup change. Kvrga left the band because he found a job in Zagreb and wanted to graduate finally. Because of that, remaining band members haven't rehearsed in 3 months so after a while they found a replacement in Brane. Soon after Brane had joined the band, Dac left the band, mostly due to lack of motivation. Again the band was left with one member missing, but rehearsals were held on a weekly basis. Since the remaining foursome was eager to play live, Ché (also plays bass in Gregzeye) stepped in as a temporary bass player. He was Moltencore's live-session player for few months, and the band was very thankful for his help. In the spring of 2007. new bass player was found. Kela joined the band and his playing immediately added a new, more brutal, dimension to the music. So far the biggest success of the band was taking a slot at one of the biggest metal festivals in Europe, Metal Camp 2008 in Tolmin, Slovenia and the band's most important goal is to play live as much as possible. Currently first full length album is in production stage. In the late spring 2009. Brane left the drummer's position due to some business offer, and shortly after Alen (ex-Cydocore) joined Moltencore. As he was already familiar with the band's musical style it's going to be easy for him to find his spot in the band. By now Moltencore have shared the stage with the likes of: Entreat., The Plague Mass, Ringispil, Analena, On The Run, Dolibasija, Overflow, E.N.D., Zyon, Gregzeye, Malkuth, Slavogorje, Flying Donuts, True, Diverzija, Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra, Suhi Kruh i Malo Masti, Hocu?Necu!, Cydocore, Seed Of Evil, Chained In Agony, Impact, Frekvencija, Deadweight Loss, Excuse For Pain, Machine Insufficiency, Sufosia, Mors Ultima Ratio, Prod, Avicularia, Drama, Cold Snap, Bloodhunt, Mandelbrot Set, The Rainmakers, Bulletproof, Ashes Of Humanity, Govna, Defiant, Sixpack, Hitman, Tea Break, Paddy's Allstars, Progress, Electric Zare, Barbara Barbara, Bakterije, Roadkill Egzotix, Mentalni otpad, Pillow Pack, Guzva u 16-ercu, Ragespect, Human Cluster, Damnation Defaced, Distorted Impalement, At The Lake, Zyanide, Exterminator, Insolitvs, Mymoon, The Rite Of Retaliation, Throattwister, Azog, Serpent Slain, Essence...
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