M.O.D.Following his work in legendary New York hardcore act S.O.D. , vocalist Billy Milano formed M.O.D. (aka Method Of Destruction) with Tim McMurtrie (guitar), Ken Ballone (bass) and Keith Davis (drums). The quality of the groove-based hardcore on U.S.A. For M.O.D. was overshadowed by controversy over apparently racist and near-fascist lyrics, although Milano later explained in an open letter to the press that his aim was to illustrate prejudice by writing from the bigot’s perspective in the first person, thus stirring up truly negative reactions to these attitudes in the process. Milano subsequently noted that many of the most contentious lyrics were written by Anthrax’s Scott Ian for the S.O.D. The subsequent tour, while successful, proved unhealthy for M.O.D., with McMurtrie breaking his leg and continuing in a wheelchair, while Ballone broke his arm, and the line-up split after the tour. Milano was then joined by guitarist Louie Svitek, bass player John Monte (who had toured in place of the injured Ballone) and drummer Tim Mallare for the lyrically lighter Surfin’ M.O.D. , where Milano’s sense of humour shone through, and the new band moved towards a metal/hardcore crossover style. Gross Misconduct maintained the quality, although Milano peppered the lyric sheet with explanations as he once more tackled serious subject matter. However, personal problems enforced Milano’s departure from the music scene, with Svitek and Monte going on to form Mindfunk.
M.O.D. were revived as a trio in 1992 after the S.O.D. reunion, with Milano (adopting the bass role as he had in his days with the Psychos), drummer Dave Chavarri and the returning McMurtrie on guitar for Rhythm Of Fear, sounding like the band had never been away. Despite a rather fluid line-up thereafter, Devolution and Dictated Aggression showed that Milano - now rhythm guitarist, with Rob Moscheti on bass - was still producing strong and relevant hardcore to match the likes of Biohazard and Sick Of It All. After another lengthy break Milano returned in 2003, with guitarist Joe Affe and drummer Danny Burkhardt completing the line-up on The Rebel You Love To Hate.
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