MinotauroMinotauro is a power metal band founded in 2010 by guitarist and songwriter Roko Smajlagic. Together with a Croatian bass player Davor Pavelic, they recruited an Italian drummer Emanuele Petrucci and guitarist Peter Pahor along with Ales Lavric on keyboards, an experienced arranger in the fields of classical and metal music. An Italian singer Rudy Berginc joined them during the recording of the album Master Of The Sea, which was mixed and mastered by the German producer Achim Koehler. The album features some special guests: Goran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum, Street Talk, Karmakanic) from Sweden, Tom Naumann (Primal Fear, Sinner) from Germany and the guitar virtuoso and studio musician Bor Zuljan (Devil Doll, Sank Rock) from Slovenia. Minotauro has a stable and exclusive collaboration with Istriaphonic Orchestra (Croatia), directed by Denis Modrusan, who also collaborated on the production of the album. After the release, the guitarist Damjan Caharija replaced Peter Pahor, but due to a severe medical condition, he left the band early. During the making of a new album, the band acquired two new members: Nik Smajlagic on guitar and Enos Zuliani on bass.
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