MethodicaMETHODICA is one of the most longeve and respected bands of the Italian rock/prog scene, out in 2015 with an outstanding new album "The Silence of Wisdom", which pushes forward the limits of the genre.
The album includes eight original tracks and a reinterpretation of the Genesis classic "Firth of Fifth", completely rearranged and sounding like a Methodica-style creation.
The new songs contain lots of heavy guitar riffs, delicate arpeggios, dreamy keyboards, electronic synths and pads, catchy vocals and orchestral scores showing the musical versatility of the band, making Methodica quite different from other progressive bands around the world.
Thanks to their distinctive sound the band got great critics and feedbacks which led them to heavily perform all over Italy and Europe supporting the masters of the genre like Dream Theater, Queensrÿche, Uriah Heep,Riverside, Anathema and many more.
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