Mental StrikeWe really don't like to describe ourselves, because that could take more than 15minutes of our lives and we're fucking lazy. We probably should say something like "we started this band somewhere in the beginning of 2010 as a trio trying to get something more than just noise out of our amps, that in 2012 we got a vocalist which lead to our first show. In march 2013 the guitar player left the band and soon got replaced with two new guitar players. Later in 2013 we released a split EP with our mor(r)onic buddies from Kranj and got signed to a independent Slovenian label Giljotina. In October 2013 we celebrated our first year of playing with awesome bands, at awesome places, while meeting new awesome people"… But as we said before, let’s just keep it short by saying that we’re a bunch of slacker friends who play faster than they can drink, but drink more that they can play.
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